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With Functional Integrative Therapy from ChiroFIT

Move more.
Move better.


Reduce pain and enhance performance with personalized chiropractic, physiotherapy and rehabilitation plans for every patient, every stage of life.

The FIT Method

What people say


Sara C.

Moving to Reno the one thing I was nervous about was finding a new Chiropractor that really listens to patients, explains their treatments, reasonings for certain treatments, and what to expect moving forward. I was so lucky to find ChiroFit and Dr. Luca who checked off all my wants and needs in a chiropractor! I have never felt better and he is great at recommending exercises and additional care to help keep me feeling great in-between visits. I highly recommend ChiroFit and Dr. Luca to anyone needing a chiropractor.


Shelace Shoemaker

Dr. May and his staff are amazing. He has done more to advocate for me and help me with my injuries than the spine specialist I went to. When the specialist brushed me off, Dr. May pushed to have X-rays and MRIs done and found out that my injuries were pretty extensive. Had it not been for him, I would have been left undiagnosed and not knowing the true severity of why my neck, face and arm were going numb.


I refer all my friends and training clients to him because I completely trust him.


Melissa V.

Dr. Trevor May has saved me! I've had back and shoulder issues for years, been through physical therapy, several chiropractors, and monthly massages. At this point, I had kind of chalked it up to I would just feel this way forever. I happen to see ChiroFit on Instagram when they had a booth at a CrossFit event. As a kickboxer and coach, I knew I needed someone who knew what an athlete puts their body through and Dr. May has not disappointed! He is friendly and knowledgeable, and I've not felt this good in years. The office is beautiful and you feel welcome from the minute you are greeted at the front desk. I can not speak more highly of Dr. May and ChiroFit as a whole!


Reach a better you

We deliver custom treatment plans that help you achieve new heights, no matter the endeavor.



Whether you’re an elite athlete looking for an edge over the competition, or a grandparent who wants to play with your grandkids, you need to be FIT to reach your goals.



Migraines and tension type headaches.

Spinal conditions

Chronic low back and neck pain, spinal disc injuries, scoliosis, spinal stenosis, arthritis, and more.

Sports/soft tissue injuries

Hamstring strains, plantar fasciitis, tennis elbow, IT band syndrome, shoulder impingement, rotator cuff injuries, adhesive capsulitis, and more.

Acute injury

Sprains/strains, and whiplash from sports or motor vehicle accidents.

FIT specialties

Trevor May, DC

A new kind of chiropractic care

The team of leading-edge doctors and practitioners at ChiroFIT will change the way you think and feel about chiropractors.

We offer an integrative rehab approach with no gimmicks, no pre-paid treatment plans, and no lifelong commitments - just a personalized approach to your individual needs.

Chad Luca, DC

Get FIT and get back to
the things you love


The Path to FIT Begins Here

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